Individuals staff members and the local staff committee have contacted USF in order to complain and raise concerns with regards to human ressources management and ethic issues at EUAA  Agency (Malta).

Following repeated complaints and articles published in the European press , on 4th July USF President, was mandated by Federal Committe to contact by letter Mrs Nina Gregori EUAA’s Executive Director, in order to discuss the situation and fine a way to re-establish a climate of serenity and trust.

Mrs Gregori replied on her 1st of August 2022’s letter that she wished to receive more information on the nature of such claims before taking any action. Unfortunately, USF offer did not bring any results.

Although USF have no reason to doubt about the Executive Director’s good will, it addressed a letter to Mrs Pariat, Director-General for Migration and Home Affairs, on 28th of September which aimed at drawing her attention to the situation in EUAA and request her assistance to ensure the well-being of the personnel.

Letter from USF to EUAA

Note to the attention of Mrs. Monique Pariat 

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