30 November 2023

Well-being Workshop

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30 November 2023

de 12h30 à 14h

Zoom Meeting

Deadline to register : Tuesday, 28 November, at 12h00, CET

Open to public

The workshop will be conducted in English

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This workshop is accessible to members and non-members

In this cold November we are going to talk about :

“Your Stress-Free Workplace Toolkit: Practical Strategies for Reducing Stress and Boosting Well-being”

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, stress is a common experience for many of us. It can manifest in various ways, with physical symptoms such as fatigue and tension headaches, emotional issues like anxiety and irritability, and cognitive difficulties like poor concentration and decision-making. Whether it’s tight deadlines, demanding workloads, or interpersonal conflicts, stress can take a significant toll on our overall well-being and productivity.This workshop aims to empower you with practical strategies and tools to combat stress and cultivate a more balanced and fulfilling work experience.Our coach, Andy Whittle will help us explore its impact on our physical and mental health, and together we will discover some useful techniques to manage it effectively.

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