29 February 2024

Well-being Workshop

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Thursday, 29 February 2024

de 12h30 à 14h

Zoom Meeting

Deadline to register : Tuesday, 27 February, at 12h00, CET

Open to public

The workshop will be conducted in English

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This workshop is accessible to members and non-members

The last traces of winter with its crisp air and lengthening days in February offers a gentle nudge towards introspection. It is a good moment to pause, reflect, and nourish ourselves from within. It’s in this spirit of self-care and rejuvenation that we are  delighted to invite you to our upcoming well-being workshop:

“Find Your Flow: Mastering the Art of Self-Care.”

Feeling overwhelmed? Discover self-care practices that go beyond bubble baths and face masks. Learn how to identify your needs, create healthy boundaries, and build resilience in this interactive workshop. We will take a look at: Stress management, self-compassion, time management, healthy boundaries, resilience. The Exercises may include: Values identification activity, time audit and scheduling exercise, and guided relaxation practice.

Come and join us ! It’s a time when we seek warmth not just from blankets and hot beverages, but from the connections we cultivate with ourselves and others. It’s a month that reminds us to cherish our well-being as much as we cherish the bonds we share.

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Dear colleagues, I am sorry you are late. The registration for Well-being Workshop is now closed. Don’t be discouraged. We will have another well-being workshop. You can subscribe to our website or follow us on our LinkedIn Page or our Facebook Page to be up-to-date with our upcoming events.