Ver.di: “a very inspiring Congress” USF Secretary General said

The 5th Verdi congress (held in Leipzig) was opened on the 22nd September 2019 by the Federal President Walter Steinmeier who praised the existence of Verdi as an important actor of the German democratic society as a whole. At this congress, the mandate of the well-known President Frank Bsirske came to an end. Media largely reported on his remarkable contributions of the last 18 years. On the 24th September, the Verdi Congress elected a new executive bureau, headed by newly elected Verdi President Frank Warneke. The USF Sec.Gen. was invited to the Congress and warmly congratulated. The Congress discussions with about 1000 delegates (Verdi has 2 million members) were very inspiring. Amongst the many subjects were the consequences of digitalization, equal opportunities, minimum wages, precariousness [...]

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2014 Staff Regulations reforms: cost savings overshadowed by their impact on the workforce

Who still wants to work for the EU? The European Court of Auditors' Report No 15/2019 analyses the Commission's implementation of the 2014 Staff Regulations reform and related measures. Verdict? Substantial savings, but not without consequences for staff. These measures resulted in a 5% reduction in posts, an increase in the retirement age from 63 to 66 and a temporary freeze on pensions and salaries. While they have led to significant savings, they have also had a negative impact on the attractiveness of the Union as an employer. Read the Report of the European Court of Auditors (PDF 2MB) Read StaffMatters 8 on the follow-up of the legal actions initiated by Union Syndicale after the 2014 "reform" of Staff Regulations. Read Lili BAYER's analysis in [...]

Europol: Tensions Over Jobs

Imposed CA cuts by Commission One of the main problems facing Europol this September 2019 is the issue of imposed CA cuts by the Commission. Europol is trying to leverage support in the European Parliament to secure the staff it currently has, and secure additional TAs to respond to an increase in activities. Furthermore, it is important to remember that CAs are not part of the Europol establishment plan, so the Management Board can make a decision on the final authorised number of CAs. However, pressure from the European Commission to lower the number of CAs will understandably make it difficult for the Management Board go against the proposed cuts. The Europol Management Board takes place on the 4th of October, so Europol staff are [...]

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People and our Planet over Profits – Climate Action

Dear Colleagues, EPSU supports the call for action to put pressure on governments attending the UN Climate Summit 23 September. We want ambitious climate goals that go together with just transition measures to ensure global warming remains below 1.5 degrees. Many actions will take place leading up to 20 September and in the week of 20-27 September. These include strikes, demonstrations and other actions. They are organised by schoolchildren, students, unions and many other organisations. I look forward to strong participation of EPSU affiliates and several, or their confederations, have already called on members to join. Please let us know what you are doing. In a European Union context, a strong turnout in European actions will send a signal to the new European Commission and [...]

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PSI: Unions need to engage actively and urgently on the climate crisis.

Support to students and activists who are calling for two Fridays of global climate mobilisation: 20 and 27 September 2019. For PSI, the climate problem is essentially political. Corporations have succeeded in their decades-long efforts to capture governments and ensure that few policies are enacted, and few regulations implemented that threaten their profits. This is especially true of the giant fossil-fuel and agro-business corporations, as well as the finance companies that underwrite and profit from these industries. Hence, we have toothless climate agreements that will see species fry, but corporate profits and prerogatives remain untouched! We suggest that unions take all measures possible to educate and mobilise your membership about the threats of climate chaos. Some unions will take strike action, others are negotiating with [...]

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