The negotiations between the staff representatives and the Administration on the new Decision against sexual and psychological harassment have started. Union Syndicale notes that the Administration’s proposal is far from the framework intended for by the implementing laws in the Member States: The text meets the new working conditions under Directive 89/391, which is the reference in the Member States.  However, this Directive calls for a new analysis of occupational health and safety risks.  This analysis should be based on the plan for preventing psychological and sexual harassment which the Administration should have drawn up for a long time (Decision C 2006 1624).  However, there is neither a risk analysis nor a prevention plan at the Commission. The proposal text also gives rise to the [...]

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Recently, some PMO colleagues have anonymously called for help with regard to the difficult situations they are experiencing and which add up over time. This call affects all of them but varies according to the place of assignment and/or the departments affected by the PMO reorganisation. The Representative Trade Unions and Staff Associations (Unions) and the Central Staff Committee have co-signed a note (attached) to reinforce the need to remedy the unacceptable and dangerous situations described. At the plenary session of the Central Staff Committee (CSC) in December, a delegation of PMO colleague spoke and was heard. The Union Syndicale Fédérale representatives proposed and obtained two actions from the CSC: • A new letter from the CSC to stress the urgency of [...]

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Rising Cost of Living Also Impacts Trainees !

COMMISSIONERS GABRIEL AND HAHN, TIME TO INTERVENE The cost of living has soared in a way not seen in decades. This increase, which impacts all staff categories and especially the lowest salaries, is at least partly compensated for officials, temporary agents and contractual agents serving in the EU institutions and bodies by the automatic salary adjustment (“la méthode”). Unfortunately, there are some young people who are remunerated by the Commission, but suffer more than others from the rising cost of living, as they do not receive any remuneration increase to cope with it. We are talking about the trainees, whose remuneration (“reimbursement of expenses”), the same since many years now and already insufficient before the outbreak of the crisis, has become totally [...]

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The staff of the European institutions is deeply shocked by the corruption scandal (Quatargate) involving the European Parliament, the scope of which are still far from being defined. First of all, we congratulate the Belgian judiciary and police for their effectiveness in discovering this shameful situation and in prosecuting those responsible. We call on the authorities of the EU and the Member States to relentlessly pursue their investigations in order to establish the whole truth, including the possible inconvenient truths. The European Union has left lobbyists with large private and public interests (including from third countries) an intolerable margin of intervention in defining and implementing its policies. It is now essential to continue the cleaning work and to identify and punish those responsible in all [...]

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Salary adjustment : + 4.5 % (Not for public dissemination) Union Syndicale wishes to pass on to its members details of the salary adjustment for this year, before the relevant figures are published through official channels. The salary adjustment method, which Union Syndicale devised, fought for, obtained and has defended through a series of hard negotiations and industrial action dating back to 1981, gives an overall result of + 7 % net for this year. This figure is calculated on the basis of the following three sets of data: Inflation: + 8,6 %, from July 2021 to June 2022. This is our key indicator and is based on figures reflecting typical spending by colleagues in the European Public Service. This figure differs marginally from the overall [...]

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“Together for Luxembourg”, the list of USF Luxembourg for the Local Staff Comittee elections from 23/11 to 6/12/2022

New elections ahead meaning a new majority in the LSC ? Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg once again presents at the forthcoming LSC elections a complete list. It is as broad as possible in order to meet the challenges ahead and, in particular, to fight for the attractiveness of the Luxembourg site. USF Luxembourg promotes in particular: Real Careers prospects as well as remuneration enhancementes and keeping the actual pension scheme, A reasoned implementation of the “Working time and teleworking” decision, Fighting medical overcharging, Health at work both in the office (including hot and open desking) and at thome, An ambitious broad social policy covering everything not strictly linked to work. Our “Together for Luxembourg” list also has the following ambitions : Continue to give back the LSC [...]

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