Public services – 23 june

Public services Day - 23 june  Watch our first round table, dedicated to the European public service! On the occasion of the International Public Services Day (23 June) and responding to the call of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), our representatives discussed the interest of a European public service and its adaptation to the current crisis. The United Nations has declared 23 June as International Public Service Day. It is the day we celebrate the contribution of public service workers to our communities. The pandemic has shown how important the contribution of our members and other essential workers is to the maintenance of our society. Public service workers enable people to enjoy their human rights, countries to achieve the Sustainable Development [...]

Staff Housing Survey

Eurostat Staff Housing Survey 2021   Eurostat has recently launched a Staff Housing Survey in all workplaces where EU Staff are employed. The same survey is run simultaneously in international organisations all over Europe and beyond. The cost of housing is a key component in the estimation of the overall purchasing power parities and correction coefficients applied in the yearly update of salaries. For EU institutions and organs, the Method of adjusting pay and pension is laid down in Annex XI of the Staff Regulations (it is worth noting that the current ‘Method’ was secured following a number of protracted strikes in the 1980s and 90s. Union Syndicale was at the forefront of the fight to secure an automatic method (thus the historical struggle) for [...]

PSI May Day Statement

Public Services International (PSI) May Day Statement As a member of PSI, Union Syndicale Fédérale expresses its support for the workers' movement. In relaying this statement, we recall that solidarity is essential in these times of pandemic and upheaval of working conditions for all workers. On May Day, we celebrate both public service workers who in the face of Covid-19 have proved to be more essential than ever, and all those who serve our communities and build the real economy. It is from this fertile ground that the post-pandemic economy must flourish, with workers’ rights at its core, not from corporate greed or financial speculation. On this May Day 2021, we want to stress that reaffirming the trade union movement commitments to labour rights and [...]

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Agora 85

Discover our new edition of Agora 85 which deals with the challenges brought by COVID-19, telework, work-life balance... Editorial: Daniela Simionescu introduces you to the different contributors of this Agora 85, covering topics ranging from telework from abroad to hybrid education, the importance of consolidating trade unions in 2021 and the work of our representatives by interviewing Sophie Hottat, trade union representative in the Commission. Agora survey: Roberto Righetti analyses the results of the survey conducted between September 2020 and February 2021 among staff of the European institutions and international organisations on their working conditions in times of Coronavirus. Hybrid teaching - opportunities for a greener academia: Laura Bechi presents the initiative of the European University Institute of Florence, which proposes a blended learning alternative, [...]

COVID-19 : revaluing of public services

The COVID-19 pandemic one year on: the need to revalue our public services   One year ago today, the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 global pandemic. The last year has magnified the strengths and weaknesses of our societies. In Europe, it has exposed the fragility of public health systems, and the total lack of capacity to respond to such a shock. The tragedy is that this does not come as a surprise. Europe’s public service unions were protesting staff shortages, underfunding and inadequate resources long before the outbreak of the pandemic. When the first wave hit, it is no wonder that health systems and care homes were completely overwhelmed. It is a sad reflection on neoliberal policies that it takes a watershed moment such as [...]

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Pandemic doesn’t hinder solidarity at EUI Firenze

Pandemic does not hinder solidarity at the European University Insitute (EUI) in Firenze In March 2020, the Executive Committee of the US-IUE Florence decided to make a donation to two associations that were particularly involved in the fight against Covid-19. "As a trade union, we believe that our founding values are solidarity and assistance, which are not only addressed to our members but to the society around us. This is why it seemed natural to us to offer a small contribution in these particularly difficult times of pandemic", emphasizes Agnès Brouet, president of the US-IUE Florence. Indeed, the pandemic has not hindered solidarity at the EUI in Firenze. With the contribution of EUI staff, US-IUE Florence and the association of former EUI researchers, the Firenze [...]

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