Eurocontrol press release about Deloitte report

ETF STATEMENT: EUROCONTROL – DELOITTE REPORT Since last EUROCONTROL Provisional Council, ETF has been following the development of the “Deloitte Report” which aimed to implement some reforms including staff regulations and for which very little information and details were given to the concerned parties making all the 17 given recommendations unclear. Therefore, the ETF met with the EUROCONTROL Head of DG Office to discuss actions so far taken and the continued objectives of the Deloitte report. While they are trying to implement some of the recommendations, there remains one outstanding element, that being the reform of the staff regulations including working conditions. The ETF continues to make it clear that the European ATM community will not stand for a forced or unfair implementation of lesser working conditions. As an [...]

Agora 87, precariousness in the EU institutions

Discover our brand new Agora 87, about precariousness in the European Public Service: Editorial : In this new Agora 87 on precariousness, Frances McFadden and Isabelle Gossart tell us how they too have experienced precariousness, each in their own way. Overview of contracts in the European institutions: In her article, Isabelle Gossart gives an overview of the different types of contract in the European institutions. Precariousness and its consequences on the staff : Isabelle Wolff and Arty Kyramarios dissect the problem faced by ASTs in their career progression, but also the form of precariousness that affects them. The (not so) idyllic life of agents in delegations : Lima paints a vivid and sharp picture of the life of the agents in delegation, beware, you [...]

Internal competitions for UK members

Participation of UK Members of the Commission Staff to internal competitions During the United Kingdom's exit process from the E.U., the Commission, especially by the then Commissioner in charge of Administration and Personnel, Gunther Oettinger, repeatedly stated that British staff could rely on the fact that their acquired rights and legitimate expectations would be upheld. It should be acknowledged that both the Juncker and Von der Leyen Commissions have delivered indeed on their commitments and that British colleagues have had their rights and expectations safeguarded. There is however one aspect on which British colleagues (those with no nationality other than that of the UK) feel let down: the internal competitions that will be announced in the near future. In fact, our colleagues have been informed, [...]

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EU Staff Solidarity for Ukraine

EU Staff Solidarity for the People of Ukraine As Europeans, we are witnessing horror unleashed by war on our continent on a scale not seen since the Second World War. Several colleagues have been moved to support those affected by the crisis; many have approached us to ask if our fund could help. We are organising this campaign together with the EU Staff COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The EU Staff COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund was set up as a way for EU staff to show their solidarity with the people in Europe worst hit by the pandemic. Now a new humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Europe. While we know that many col­­­­leagues are already supporting those affected by the conflict, we want to offer a [...]

SACE: Social dialogue is more important than never

SACE: social dialogue, more important than ever On Thursday afternoon 9 December, the representatives of the Staff Committee and SACE were finally able to raise the issues that were close to their hearts at the end of the year, in a hemicycle adapted to respect the restrictions due to COVID. It has to be said that few agents still speak out publicly to denounce situations that affect them as Council of Europe staff members, daring to address issues of salary adjustment, teleworking or even their own protection in the exercise of their function. SACE is grateful to the Secretary General, members of the Administration and Private Office for having listened. The time allotted for questions and answers was enough to take note of the problems [...]

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US webinar: the Method from A to Z

US webinar: Everything you always wanted to know about the Method! Are you struggling with the annual salary adjustment or is the Method a difficult concept to understand? Do not panic! Union Syndicale is organising a webinar to explain everything and answer your questions  You can fin here the powerpoint used during the webinar. Here below, the conference on the Method : The current ‘Method’ was secured following a number of protracted strikes in the 1980s and 90s. Union Syndicale was at the forefront of the fight to secure an automatic method (thus the historical struggle) for the adjustment of salaries, whereas the Council and other trade unions argued in favour of an adjustment that would be negotiated on an annual basis. After a number of years of [...]

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