Agora 86

Discover our brand new Agora 86, concerning the social security of the European civil service: Editorial: Niels Bracke gives us an overview of the state of play of European social security in his editorial of Agora 86. The basics of the JSIS: Ignazio Iacono, a member of the JSIS, explains the basics of the JSIS, the issues at stake and the problems that the Management Committee is trying to solve in order to guarantee colleagues a social security system that is in line with the realities on the ground. The coordination of social security in the European Union: Niels Bracke analyses social security in the European Union and how adaptations are necessary to overcome the grey areas concerning the agents of the European Public Service. [...]

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Union Syndicale Fédérale, who are we?

Find out here who Union Syndicale Fédérale is, what we stand for and what we fight for every day: the rights of colleagues in the European institutions, the rights of colleagues in international organisations, the rights of colleagues in the agencies, the rights of colleagues in the delegations, your rights! But moreover: We listen, We help, We stand together !  

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Right of strike breached at the EPO

Historical Judgments of the Administrative Tribunal  of the International Labour Organisation (ILOAT) on the fundamental right to strike breached by the European Patent Office (EPO). On 7 July 2021, the ILOAT ruled that the EPO strike regulations put in place since 1 July 2013 created a regime placing several limitations on the exercise of the right to strike which was unlawful because it violated the fundamental right to strike. After 8 years of breach of a fundamental right at the EPO (including 3 years under the mandate of a new President), it is now time to take the consequences and to repair the damage done to the Organization and its Staff. In its 132nd session the Tribunal delivered a total of 43 judgments, of which [...]

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Damaging ruling for EU social partner agreements

Damaging ruling on how the Commission should handle EU social partner agreements Today, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued its verdict on the case EPSU (the European Federation of Public Service Unions) brought against the European Commission (case C-928/19P). The case concerned the Commission’s unprecedented refusal to bring forward a social partner agreement to the Council for decision based on the interpretation of Article 155.2 TFEU. EPSU argued that when the social partners are representative, when they jointly request so and when the content of their agreement is legal, the Commission must transform the agreement into a directive for Council to decide upon. This is based upon 25 years of practice and several Commission communications on the subject.  Pending a full analysis of [...]

Transferring pension rights explained

After joining European institutions, is transferring your pension rights acquired previously into the EU pension scheme a good idea or not ? Watch this video spot with Jimmy Stryhn Meyer: For further information : Pension rights: transfer or not? (text) Pension rights : Transferring or not ?  (PPT) Within a period of 10 years and 6 months since entering the service of the EU, the staff member may request the transfer of pension rights which he / she has acquired under a national pension scheme. The transfer, once made, becomes irreversible. This is why, before signing an application to transfer your national pension entitlements, think twice and seek advice from your union as to whether, given the effect of the minimum subsistence figure rule, this [...]

Public services – 23 june

Public services Day - 23 june  Watch our first round table, dedicated to the European public service! On the occasion of the International Public Services Day (23 June) and responding to the call of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), our representatives discussed the interest of a European public service and its adaptation to the current crisis. The United Nations has declared 23 June as International Public Service Day. It is the day we celebrate the contribution of public service workers to our communities. The pandemic has shown how important the contribution of our members and other essential workers is to the maintenance of our society. Public service workers enable people to enjoy their human rights, countries to achieve the Sustainable Development [...]

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