Outsourcing of the Wilson day nursery

Note for the attention of Mr. Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources All the staff unions of the European Commission, united in the Common Front, have been informed of the outsourcing of the Wilson day nursery in circumstances that are unacceptable and disrespectful for both staff and parents. The OIB continues to show the greatest contempt for any dialogue with the staff and their representatives. The Common Front is firmly opposed to such an EXTERNALISATION as well as to this method of unilateral decision-making power used in defiance of any SOCIAL DIALOGUE with the staff and its representatives. The expertise and professionalism of our colleagues are an asset for the proper functioning and sustainability of our services. Our colleagues cannot be replaced by [...]

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Letter from USF to EUAA

At the Federal Committee meeting on July 2nd, the President of the USF was mandated to organize a meeting with the EUAA agency in order to discuss the situation and find the most appropriate ways to restore a climate of serenity and trust. Indeed, some dysfunctions have been reported by employees and it seems that they are incompatible with the principles of each institution and public entity. This information relates to : repeated episodes of mismanagement and non-compliance with the principles of legality and impartiality by which any public administration must be guided. serious loopholes in social dialogue and respect for trade union freedoms. EUAA, or rather its predecessor EASO, is no extraneous to controversy and criticism for allegations of staff harassment, including “psychological violence”, [...]

The 12 works of H(e)Rcules OR the NON response of CALUX

Attractiveness of Luxembourg By Arty Kyramarios Luxembourg 13th July Formally, the CALUX (the group of Heads of administration of EU Institutions and Bodies based in Luxembourg) produced its 12 actions (Attractiveness of the Luxembourg site) that should serve the purpose of solving the longstanding and growing attractiveness issue of Luxembourg. As most tales: -        its origin is lost in the limbo of time. Like Homers tales, no one really knows when it was written or by whom. That set was probably produced many years ago, even before the so called High Level Group (that as formally produced it on behalf of the CALUX) was created; -        it is composed of a canonical set of 12 actions even though there might be, like Hercules works, more… [...]

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During this meeting at Berlaymont on 14th of June 2022, various topics were discussed, including the new budget and human resources strategy. Budget The current context is not favorable. Inflation, which is rising above 2%, GDP drop, Ukraine war and the rise in gas prices will have an impact on the budget for the coming years. As a result, budgetary constraints are weighing on the administration. Some Member States could put the debate on retirement age on the table… Contract agents The staff representatives welcomed the new HR strategy and stress the need to support contract agents, who should have access to internal competitions and thus be able to progress in their careers. Furthermore, in order to motivate the staff of the delegations, including local [...]


It has been now more than one month that many Belarus trade union colleagues have been held prsonners. The government threatens the independence of trade unions: 1. Arrests and ongoing harassment for many leaders 2. The KGB confiscates their documents 3. Their property is taken away from them 4. The role of trade union representative could be likened to that of terrorists In support of Belarusian union representatives, harassed and imprisoned, the USF asks all its members to sign and share this petition with as many people as possible by clicking here. Maryia Taradzetskaya Director of Belarusian trade unions, demands: the release of all arrested members and invites massive participation in the international solidarity action which will take place on June 8 at lunchtime in [...]

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Eurocontrol press release about Deloitte report

ETF STATEMENT: EUROCONTROL – DELOITTE REPORT Since last EUROCONTROL Provisional Council, ETF has been following the development of the “Deloitte Report” which aimed to implement some reforms including staff regulations and for which very little information and details were given to the concerned parties making all the 17 given recommendations unclear. Therefore, the ETF met with the EUROCONTROL Head of DG Office to discuss actions so far taken and the continued objectives of the Deloitte report. While they are trying to implement some of the recommendations, there remains one outstanding element, that being the reform of the staff regulations including working conditions. The ETF continues to make it clear that the European ATM community will not stand for a forced or unfair implementation of lesser working conditions. As an [...]

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