Method: the historical struggle of Union Syndicale is still bearing fruits

Salary update: + 2.0 % Reduction in pension contribution: – 0.3 % Combined net effect: + 2.2 % on average Since 2015, salary and pensions updates have once again been ensuring that our pay develops in parallel with that of civil servants in the Member States. Past data has shown us that this parallel development is broadly in line with inflation in the long term. Facts matter Before we explain the details of the 2019 remuneration and pensions update, it is worth noting that the current 'Method' was secured following a number of protracted strikes in the 1980s and 90s. Union Syndicale was at the forefront of the fight to secure an automatic method for the adjustment of salaries, whereas the Council and other trade unions argued in favour of an adjustment [...]

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4 staff committee elections: 4 victories for Union Syndicale Union Syndicale Petten (JRC Commission) Union Syndicale Bruxelles EEAS USF Luxembourg Union Syndicale Bruxelles Eurocontrol These victories are the results of local work, constant human investment and USF synergies which the concerned Member Organisations asked for to save our ressources and use valuable works done so far. Congrats to all ! Thanks to all our voters.

New ways of working : at any cost ?

It has been almost a year since the NWOW (New Ways of Working) pilot project was launched despite the scepticism expressed by the vast majority of colleagues, based on inconclusive past experience. After hundreds of hours of work, meetings and participatory workshops, the staff has now discovered on a blog post that the GSC no longer has the means to achieve the ambitious objectives, which will therefore have to be scaled down. Is this serious? And are we to have "NWOW at any cost"? No one is really surprised, as the failure was predictable all along. Union Syndicale has a few more questions, though:  What are the real objectives?  How could the staff have been expected to be committed to such a huge [...]

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Union Syndicale is HIRING ! (Job Offer Closed on 14-11-2019)

Union Syndicale, the first Trade-Union in the European civil service, is recruiting a Communication and Administrative Support Assistant From Union Syndicale's head office in the heart of the European quarter, you will play an important role in the organisation's external and internal communication activities. To do this, you have proven knowledge or experience in managing social networks and content in WordPress. You also demonstrate this skill or experience in graphic design or editing. You will be involved in the development and implementation of Union Syndicale's communication strategy and will contribute to the development of the union's visibility by promoting its presence on the Internet and participating in the diffusion and promotion of its services. First, you will participate in the coordination of the work of [...]

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European day of awareness raising on moral harassment at work

If you have heard of, If you have witnessed a situation of harassment, Speak out, express yourself, contact us! How to identify harassment? Victims are selected individually rather than in groups without distinction: sex, origin, background, personality, age, or because they are too conscientious, too innovative... Different techniques can be used to isolate: discreet denigration of work to the hierarchy, devaluation of the position, overwork, contradictory instructions, opposition to colleagues... until you are broken and dropped in by everyone. No one is safe! It may only be a matter of time... Over the years, moral harassment has become a "guest" in labour relations! In the long term, it creates a hostile and unhealthy working environment. The consequences are well known: sick leave, absenteeism, demotivation... This [...]

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Ver.di: “a very inspiring Congress” USF Secretary General said

The 5th Verdi congress (held in Leipzig) was opened on the 22nd September 2019 by the Federal President Walter Steinmeier who praised the existence of Verdi as an important actor of the German democratic society as a whole. At this congress, the mandate of the well-known President Frank Bsirske came to an end. Media largely reported on his remarkable contributions of the last 18 years. On the 24th September, the Verdi Congress elected a new executive bureau, headed by newly elected Verdi President Frank Warneke. The USF Sec.Gen. was invited to the Congress and warmly congratulated. The Congress discussions with about 1000 delegates (Verdi has 2 million members) were very inspiring. Amongst the many subjects were the consequences of digitalization, equal opportunities, minimum wages, precariousness [...]

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