COVID-19 and gender equality

In this COVID-19 pandemic, the first day promoting equal pay, organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO), takes place on September 18, 2020. This equality is not called into question in the European institutions thanks to the grade system, which guarantees equal pay for all workers, regardless of gender. However, career equality is not achieved in our organizations and institutions. The latter has moreover been shaken by the Coronavirus crisis. On this occasion, Union Syndicale would like to initiate, in the era of COVID-19, a reflection on gender equality and the issues that will be associated with it. The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down: reduction of social ties (a bubble of a limited number of people), changes in our cultural habits (reservations and limited number [...]

Union Syndicale : passing of Jean-Pierre Tytgat & Roger Vancampenhout

Sad news – They have left us   At a time when summer is beginning and our countries are slowly recovering from those long months of quarantine, Union Syndicale is mourning : with the passing of Jean-Pierre Tytgat and Roger Vancampenhout, two pillars of the Union are leaving us. With them, all the expertise and skills they put at the service of the defense of the staff of the European institutions will be gone. They were the great ambassadors of Union Syndicale and put forward values such as fraternity and solidarity. They defended these values ardently when they were members of Union Syndicale Fédérale but also in their respective unions in Luxembourg and Brussels. However, their successors will continue to convey these values dear to [...]

Settlement agreement reached at the EPO concerning Laurent Prunier

In recent years, social dialogue at the European Patent Office has been badly damaged. Since 2014, the EPO has been strongly criticised for its directives which go against the rights and interests of employees. Legal actions have multiplied as the suffering of staff members has increased. Today, a settlement agreement has been reached at the EPO concerning Laurent Prunier . Excessive production pressure, a climate of fear, intimidation, harassment, abusive disciplinary procedures against staff and trade union representatives, censorship and non-respect of the right to strike shook the institution in particular during the mandates of Benoit Battistelli. USOEB-SUEPO*, the trade union representing half of the staff at the EPO, has constantly opposed these authoritarian abuses and has tried to find common ground with the administration. [...]

Victories : Union Syndicale on all fronts!

An avalanche of victories for Union Syndicale and its representatives! The current period is full of equations with many unknowns, but one thing is certain: solidarity is still not an obsolete concept in the European institutions. Our colleagues at SUEPO The Hague and in Berlin won a great victory in the Staff Committee elections: all the seats (17 !) went to our Union Syndicale representatives! Never two without three, a resounding victory for Union Syndicale at Cedefop (3 seats out of 3 in the Staff Committee elections !), which, we remind you, did not actually recognise the unions as social partners until March 2020. Long-term negotiations that saw solidarity prevail once again. These victories are a fine proof of the confidence on the part of [...]

Social Dialogue on MFF

Note concerning the social dialogue on MFF, for the attention of Commissioner Johannes Hahn All the trade union organisations wish to be informed of the content of the Commission's proposal on the Union's financial perspectives. The staff representation considers that this proposal will determine both the amount and the volume of staff work for the next seven years as well as the budgetary amount devoted to operating costs. These are matters of great interest to the staff and, therefore, to the trade union organisations representing them. All the more so as a reading of the Commission's proposal shows that heading 7 will be reduced by a significant amount, whereas at the highest level, staff were promised it would not be reduced. As you know, our [...]

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ETF to stop all activities linked to DG MOVE in ATM field over attacks to jobs and working conditions

ETF has decided to stop all activities related to DG MOVE in the air traffic management field for the next three months, after receiving several reports of employers being pushed by two of DG MOVE officials to lower ANSPs’ labour costs. ETF has recently learned that the European Commission’s DG MOVE officials have been actively lobbying for cost reductions by national service providers (ANSPs). ETF believes these activities are in line with the interests of airspace users. However, their interests cannot be protected and favoured over workers’ interests. This demonstrates, once again, the strong influence of airspace users over the European Commission to the detriment of other actors in the aviation system. With these actions, the Commission has overstepped the boundaries of its role. Its [...]

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