Future President of European Patent Office responds to USF letter (https://www.unionsyndicale.eu/en/open-letter-to-new-epo-director/) ...

In English only ! 20171103 – Answer of Mr Campinos to USF – EN

In English toothe EPSU letter to Mr. Antonio Campinos … 20171109 – Letter of EPSU to EUIPO – EN:

Dear Mr. Campinos,

Thank you for your letter to USF copied to EPSU. I read it as a start of a more constructive dialogue in which the issues that have been raised by the staff and their union can be addressed and dealt with. There are quite a few and you have inherited a rather unfortunate situation which included a hostile approach towards the union and its delegates. I wish the union colleagues and you a constructive and successful dialogue. And that this might be one of many successes for the Patent Office, the staff and you.
Yours sincerely,

Jan-Willem Goudriaan