European Institutions

Organisations nationales belges

Chômage, Droit du travail, etc. (Important pour les AC au chômage)

FGTB (Fédération générale du Travail de Belgique)

Syndicat : Droit du travail belge en général, traitement dossiers chômage (agrée)

ONEM (Office national de l’Emploi)

L’organisation et la gestion de l’assurance-chômage, info en général

Service Public Fédéral

Tout sur le chômage, et bien d’autres infos sur le travail en Belgique

CAPAC (Caisse auxiliaire de Paiement des Allocations de chômage)

Organisme fédéral “Traitement du chômage”

Actiris (Région Bruxelles-Capitale)

Services de formation et d’appui à la recherche d’emploi Bruxelles-Capitale

Forem (Wallonie)

Services de formation et d’appui à la recherche d’emploi Wallonie

VDAB (Flandre)

Services de formation et d’appui à la recherche d’emploi Flandre

Arbeitsamt (Région germanophone)

Services de formation et d’appui à la recherche d’emploi Communauté germanophone

Sécurité sociale belge pour les étrangers

(Important pour les conjoints/partenaires)

En quelques clics, découvrez les réglementations de la sécurité sociale belge applicables à votre situation ou à votre partenaire/conjoint.  Désormais, quiconque venant en Belgique pour y habiter, travailler ou étudier pourra, en quelques clics seulement, découvrir les réglementations de notre Sécurité sociale, applicables à leur situation.

International Trade Union Organizations

Public Services International (PSI)

PSI is a global trade union federation representing twenty million workers, delivering vital public services in one hundred and fifty countries.

European Public Services Workers (EPSU)

The largest federation of the ETUC, which comprises eight million public service workers of more than two hundred and fifty trade unions.

European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)

The ETUC speaks with one voice in the name of the common interests of workers at European level.

Internationale Tade Union Confederation (ITUC)

The ITUC is the largest international trade union organization that defends the interests of workers around the world.

European Movement International (EMI)

The European Movement International is a lobbying association that coordinates the efforts of associations and national councils with the goal of promoting European integration, and disseminating information about it.

Fédération des Associations des Fonctionnaires internationaux (FICSA)

FICSA fosters the development of the international civil service in accordance with the principles set forth in the United Nations Charter and the constitutions of the specialized agencies.

The Federation :

*Defends staff rights
*Ensures that equitable conditions of service for all common system staff are maintained at a level which will ensure the recruitment and retention of the most qualified people
*Contributes to building a positive image of the international civil service.

The Elders

AIACE internationale

Created in 1969 by thirty-five former civil servants of various nationalities, AIACE has worked continuously to improve the well-being of all elders.



For more than twenty years, we have been preparing several hundred candidates each year for European Public Service competitions in partnership with Union Syndicale.


The aim of this independent association is to help applicants to EPSO competitions and to offer services that are accessible to all.



EuroSanté – Comprehensive international health insurance for you and your family. See too EuroSanté (PDF)
Supplementary health insurance
Read onlyAssurance maladie complémentaire
Download : Assurances EuroSanté (PDF)

Cancer Support Groupe

This site is intended for colleagues or retired European institutions.

Specialized lawyers in European law

LOUIS EUROPEAN LAW is an independent law firm born of the ambition of its founder Maître Jean-Noël LOUIS to bring together under the same roof multilingual lawyers specialising in different areas of law. Located at the heart of the institutions of the European Union, the firm provides its clients with a high-quality service in a setting that is professional and friendly.

LOUIS EUROPEAN LAW develops a special relationship with its clients in order to defend their interests as efficiently as possible with the aim of finding the solution best suited to their needs. A relationship of trust is thus the foundation of its engagement. Over the years, this has led to a continuing and permanent relationship with clients who are mainly EU staff and agents from other EU bodies based in Brussels and elsewhere.


MARC QUAGEBEUR, International Fiscalist :