Following the issuing of the ILO report on “Ending violence and harassment in the world of work », Rosa Pavanelli, PSI Secretary General issued a declaration in which she reaffirms the priority issues she presented in the report she sent to ILO about the discussions of the International Commission on Labour related to the issue.

Jointly with the International Trade Union Movement and the Workers’ Group, PSI firmly maintains its position on the issue of adopting international standards to protect workers who keep fighting for the full respect of workers’ rights all over the world. PSI is relentlessly pursuing its fight for a new Convention, together with a Recommendation, on violence and harassment in the world of work.

The “Rapport marron » (ie. So called “brown report”) will be used as the reference document to be submitted  to the 108th  session of the International Labour Conference in June 2019. Governments have been invited, to formulate comments after consultation with the most representative employers’ and workers’ organisations, by early November 2018.


. Declaration by PSI’s Secretary General (FR only) :

. “Rapport marron”