A few weeks passed after the reorganisation of old JRC Directorate B has taken place leading to the abolishement of the human resources units of the JRC. The new DGHR Account Management Centres (AMCs) have taken over all JRC HR tasks and this new structure has already caused complaints from staff. In particular, the remarks refer to a different application of the rules as it already happened in cases of granting special leave for participating in EPSO tests or time needed for blood donation.
The attitude of DG HR regarding the answers provided to the Staff is perceived has different from before the changes. The fact that the JRC authority is now managed by DG HR (AMC8), which applies the general rules, has allowed that JRC specificities in terms of staff management were lost and in particular, does not take into consideration the specific needs of the JRC Staff located in remote locations.
Consequently, we have written to the JRC General Director, Mr Vladimir Sucha, asking whether the responsibility for the staff management previously taken directly by the JRC Managers, or in agreement with DG HR, has been shifted entirely to DG HR. This new condition for the staff management could obviously result in several serious drawbacks for the JRC staff.
The Director General reassured us in his prompt answer that nothing has changed and nothing is going to be changed. However, we feel obliged to share with you all this message and we invite you to follow the events on our web site or personally coming to our offices where the door is always open.