European Parliament (EP): working conditions of your interpreters


Dear General Secretary, dear Mr. Welle,

We have been informed about the conflict you have with the interpreters over unilaterally changing their working conditions and to make them work longer for the same pay. We are astonished that you do not enter into negotiations with staff given that they have made a counter offer that includes considerable concessions on their part regarding their working hours. We support the demand of our affiliate USF and all other unions to respect the social dialogue, and call for negotiations with the recognised unions.

Therefore we ask you to immediately come to the negotiating table with the unions to reach a fair deal that improves rather than worsens the working conditions of staff. We do support the striking interpreters and we expect you to respect their right to industrial action and right to strike.

Read the full EPSU letter about the EP and the working conditions of interpreters here.

Excerpt of the Politico article :

Next week’s European Parliament plenary week in Strasbourg could be disrupted by a series of strikes by interpreters, who plan to stop work for “one or two hours” a day, according to several officials and trade union members.

The interpreters, who give live translation of parliamentary proceedings into the 24 official languages of the EU, are protesting against what they describe as a “unilateral” decision to change their working hours.

A majority of interpreters will stop providing interpretation to meetings held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to protest against decisions made in 2017 — allegedly without consultation — by Parliament Secretary-General Klaus Welle to increase the time they must spend in interpreting booths.