Union Syndicale starts its 2019 election campaign for Staff Committee at the Council :

In our programme you will find out what we want to do in the Staff Committee.

  • more humane staff management
  • For an effective evaluation system and more predictable promotions
  • For the improvement of the situation of contract agents
  • For stable jobs: permanent task = permanent job!
  • For real work/life balance
  • For NWOW that benefit everyone
  • For better prospects at LING
  • For a real fight against harassment
  • For a review of JSIS

By voting for US during this 2019 election campaign at the Council, you are having your say on these points and giving us a mandate to pursue these objectives.

The outgoing Staff Committee has shown that staff representation is more effective when the elected representatives of the
different unions work together, in the interest of all colleagues, regardless of whether they are members of a union: the
Staff Committee’s contributions in areas such as professional development, NWOW, prevention of harassment, among others, have become clearer and more effective. Union Syndicale wants to continue on this path and has once again opened its list to colleagues who are not members. The next step will be to review the electoral system. We invite all those who wish to do so to join in the reflection. Together, we can create a strong and balanced Staff Committee, acting for the good of all colleagues.