Digital revolution : Artificial intelligence (AI) to support the public service workers…

Newsletter EPSU – 06 February 2019

EPSU fights for a trustworthy artificial intelligence use that supports rather than substitutes public service workers!
digitalisation and workers – artificial intelligence

(4 February 2019) In January, EPSU contributed to a public consultation on draft ethics guidelines for trustworthy artificial intelligence. The guidelines were drawn up by a high level expert group set up by the European Commission in June 2018.

EPSU participated in the consultation, in coordination with the ETUC and the European Trade Union Institute. This follows work on digital revolution and the impact of artificial intelligence on the workforce carried out in some of the most exposed sectors and public services such as healthcare and utilities. EPSU’s main point is to stress the need for a sound regulatory framework for the development of AI infrastructures in Europe…

The selection of the principles looks only to the side of the developers and there is no mention to the principles of precaution, prevention, solidarity, common good nor distributive justice. We need more than code of conducts, declaration of principles and ‘private governance’ mechanisms, because this is too important to be entrusted to developers, companies and innovators without a sanction system. It is too important to base it in code of conduct and principles that are not enforceable.

Ethical principles are not associated with any sanction system. the relationship risk/reward is so unbalanced, that some actors may decide that it makes financial sense to break or disrespect the principles.