Below are articles about the new EPO president:

Fed up with years of willful ignorance, staff at the European Patent Office publicly called out their president in front of the organization’s overseeing body.

Meeting at the EPO’s headquarters in Munich this week, the organization’s Administrative Council – made up of officials from 38 European nations – heard briefly from the staff representative.

But rather than present the usual diplomatically worded update, the rep instead tore into office president Benoit Battistelli and his years-long campaign against his own employees – something that is known euphemistically as “social dialogue” within the EPO.

António Campinos, the executive director of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), has been described as a “sensible” replacement for European Patent Office (EPO) president Benoît Battistelli.


Campinos, who according to EPO is the first southern European to head the agency, will start his 5-year term on 1 July 2018. He is currently executive director of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which handles EU trademarks. He is a past president of the Portuguese Patent Institute (INPI), and at that time also was the Portuguese representative on the EPO Administrative Council for several years, according to an EPO press release today.

The election for president took place on 10 October in the Administrative Council, which is “made up of the delegations from all member states, is the Organisation’s legislative body. It is responsible for supervising the activities of the Office, approving the budget and appointing the President of the EPO,” the release said.

Battistelli had a somewhat rocky tenure, with patent filings rising significantly but staff relations persistently marked by conflict. He proclaimed in the release: “This decisive outcome shows how the European Patent Organisation has matured in terms of implementing strong governance and providing leadership in decision making that will serve European innovation.”