The image is strong: British MEPs, hand in hand with those of other nationalities singing together. Sadness and hope.

The Brexit sounds the death knell for an idea of the European Union that could only grow: for the first time, it is shrinking. And this shrinking is not just the exit of a weighty member from the club. It is also the acknowledgement of failure and the threat that others may look for the way out of the wide open door.

There is nothing to blame in a process that, however tormented, has taken place in accordance with democratic rules. There are, however, many lessons to be learned from both sides.

Union Syndicale expects the new Commission to be able to give new impetus to the idea of Europe by building a sense of belonging not only among the Member States but, above all, among citizens. That it is prepared to defend its own values of democracy, solidarity and progress.

There is no doubt that these values are shared by the British people and that, in the face of rising populism and racism, we will one day find ourselves together again.