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Emmanuelle Melchior

Emmanuelle Melchior was born in Lille (France) in 1984. She has lived for a long time in Charente (her parents are still there) before coming to Belgium in 2007. She works in the European institutions since 2008.

Emmanuelle discovers yoga in 2015 and then things flow as gracefully as in the Sun salutation: in 2019, exactly on her 35th birthday, Emmanuelle obtained her yoga teacher diploma. Her other passion is the handpan (which is a fabulous instrument and you will love the sound of it).

You can find her teaching every Friday at 12h30 on Teams. Send her an email if you want to be included.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​offering Yoga sessions during the pandemic? 

In fact, before the pandemic, I was already teaching every Friday at EPSO since September 2019, through the fit @ work program. When this whole situation started a year ago, I have started to give lessons on Facebook. This way I could also open these lessons to my friends. It really made sense to me, because I have this need to share!

What has this experience brought you over the months? What have you learnt during these sessions?

Over the months, I went through several emotions and states of mind. On Facebook, I was happy to be able to continue to teach, but quickly, the fact of not being able to see the participants had a very bad effect on me and I had a period of blockage. It did not suit me at all to talk to a screen without any meaningful human interaction. I was only dreaming of one thing: to be able to resume normal classes! Therefore, I stopped teaching for a few months, telling myself that, anyway, from September on we would all meet again! It was not the case… This situation affected me, despite the tools I had in my toolbox.

Motivation and desire to teach were finally stronger: in September 2020, in agreement with the DG HR, I set up the courses via TEAMS, as a trial. And, hurray, I could see and hear my EPSO colleagues, at least at the beginning and at the end of the lessons, and that was priceless! Soon after that, in November 2020, I thought, “why not open these courses to all institutions?” Therefore, I have opened them and we are now almost 100 in the Teams group, with an average of 20 participants per class every Friday. I also make the video available for those who could not be present. I would say it is a success and I was able to meet colleagues that I would have never had the chance to meet during a real life course. Teaching these classes gives me a lot from a personal point of view, because I need to share what I know. Yoga gave me so much during the past few years and will continue to offer me so much. I wish other people could know it!

I have also seen an invitation to a book club. Can you tell us more? 

Yes, I have launched externally on Facebook and internally also via Teams, “Buddha Boudoir” a little book club where I plan to discuss books on personal development, well-being, religion and spirituality, feel good novels, initiatic novels, various tales and fables (Zen etc.). I am not an expert, but now these books bring me a lot, and I want to share this passion with others. At first, it will be one or two common readings per month, let’s see how it evolves!

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