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Agora 88 Summary

Agora 88 is a special edition as indicated by Juan-Pedro Perez-Escanilla in his editorial note. It is an edition that summarizes the history of the USB with its lights and shadows. It is not only a commemorative text but a practical overview of everything you need to know about our statutory achievements, many, if not all, of which are due to the action of Union Syndicale.
This edition is also marking the 50th years milestone of Union Syndicale Bruxelles. Therefore you will find in this edition, some special articles that highlights USB’s struggles as well as its achievement facing the ups and downs of trade union movement in Europe.

Archeology of the US – Emmanuel Wietzel
The US is committed to defending its members – Félix Geradon
Joining the union: a necessary choice – Bernd Loescher
50 years of the Method: Pierre Blanchard and Félix Geradon
The EU Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) in brief – Niels Bracke
Career development in the European public service – Nicolas Mavraganis
The major rulings of the Court of Justice in personnel matters – Maître Jean-Nöel Louis
The achievements of the trade union: past, present and future – Günther Lorenz
The status of tax domicile and the residence exception: Maître Mikaël Gossiaux
Repetition of undue payments – Maître Nathalie De Montigny
Last day at work – Félix Geradon
Flexible working hours – a key achievement of Union Syndicale – Bernd Loescher
A union for the next 50 years – Juan Pedro Perez Escanilla
A short history of the USOEB – Roberto Righetti