Discover our brand new Agora 87, about precariousness in the European Public Service:

  1. Editorial : In this new Agora 87 on precariousness, Frances McFadden and Isabelle Gossart tell us how they too have experienced precariousness, each in their own way.
  2. Overview of contracts in the European institutions: In her article, Isabelle Gossart gives an overview of the different types of contract in the European institutions.
  3. Precariousness and its consequences on the staff : Isabelle Wolff and Arty Kyramarios dissect the problem faced by ASTs in their career progression, but also the form of precariousness that affects them.
  4. The (not so) idyllic life of agents in delegations : Lima paints a vivid and sharp picture of the life of the agents in delegation, beware, you might be surprised!
  5. Precariousness at the European Patent Office : Roberto Righetti warns of the precariousness that seems to have crept into the European Patent Office in recent years.
  6. Precarious contracts at the European Central Bank : Carlos Bowles explains in this article how the COVID pandemic started a shift in the precariousness of the European Central Bank.
  7. Under the constellation of precariousness : Vassilis Sklias and Jimmy Stryhn-Meyer portray the Court of Justice and its various precarious contracts.
  8. Distant relatives, precariousness in the EU agencies : Steve Bainbridge points to the precariousness of contracts within the agencies and the difficulties faced by staff, who are often far away from headquarters and whose issues do not always get the attention they need.
  9. About USOpening the discussion on wellbeing at work : Andy Whittle, our resident coach, explains here the next themes of Union Syndicale’s wellbeing workshops in 2022!
  10. About USHot-desking at The One : Frances McFadden interviewed several colleagues about their impressions of the new The One building and their experience of shared offices and open spaces.
  11. About US –  Mental Health First Aid : Daniela Mormile reports on the European Commission’s initiative to create an intervention network to help colleagues suffering from mental health problems.
  12. About USUnion Syndicale Brussels Executive Committee elections : The elections for the Executive Committee of Union Syndicale Bruxelles are coming soon! Do you want to get involved in a dynamic trade union organisation full of ideas? Have a look at the article!