Discover our new edition of Agora 85 which deals with the challenges brought by COVID-19, telework, work-life balance…

  1. Editorial: Daniela Simionescu introduces you to the different contributors of this Agora 85, covering topics ranging from telework from abroad to hybrid education, the importance of consolidating trade unions in 2021 and the work of our representatives by interviewing Sophie Hottat, trade union representative in the Commission.
  2. Agora survey: Roberto Righetti analyses the results of the survey conducted between September 2020 and February 2021 among staff of the European institutions and international organisations on their working conditions in times of Coronavirus.
  3. Hybrid teaching – opportunities for a greener academia: Laura Bechi presents the initiative of the European University Institute of Florence, which proposes a blended learning alternative, combining face-to-face and distance learning to address sustainability challenges.
  4. The opportunity and the risk: Juan-Pedro Perez-Escanilla reflects on teleworking from abroad, its implications for the Staff Regulations and for the rights of staff in the European institutions.
  5. Building the union and recruiting members in 2021 – a challenging year: Greg Thomson comments on the challenges facing unions in recruiting members in an era of increasing digitalisation of work and industrial relations.
  6. Sophie Hottat, interview with a Union Syndicale representative: Want to know more about the work of the man or woman on the other end of the phone behind your Union Syndicale’s functional email box? Find out here about the work of Sophie, Union representative in the Commission.
  7. Children in COVID period: Catherine Calambe explains the implications of COVID for children and their development.
  8. A new motivation: Steve Bainbridge tells us what telework has enabled him to achieve, i.e. an action plan!
  9. Ignazio Iacono’s presidency of the Central Staff Committee: Pietro Rossi pays tribute to Ignazio Iacono, President of the CCP for 7 years, and tells us about the different projects that came to fruition under his presidency.
  10. Surviving the Coronavirus – an essay on teleworking with children: Teleworking with your children is not always easy? Read this little life story featuring Steve Bainbridge and Bizzie and Toolie respectively, his two daughters who tele-school and… you’ll find out in the article!
  11. Interview with Ana Yturriaga Saldanha, head of EuSA: Daniela Simionescu interviewed Ana, head of the European School of Administration, who had to adapt to distance learning in record time.
  12. Togheter – Ensemble, sparkling ideas in motion: Julie Guegan and Obhi Chatterjee launched a movement bringing together staff from the institutions to encourage idea sharing.
  13. Andy Whittle – Walking to Health: Read about Andy’s challenge and why he decided to make his health a priority this year.
  14. Interview with yoga teacher Emmanuelle Melchior: Emmanuelle explains the popularity of her yoga classes, which bring together several colleagues every Friday lunchtime on Teams.